Cotton Blend Slouch Socks - Orange

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Scrunch socks, slouch socks, whatever you call them, we're in love with these socks!

Product Details:

  • Crew/Knee Length (17” length)
  • One Size Fits Most - Sock Size 9-11, Fits Women's Shoe Sizes 5-10, Fits Men’s Shoe Sizes 4-8
  • Knitted 90% Cotton / 5% Polyester / 5% Elastic 
  • Quick-Dry
  • Breathable

      Our slouch socks are nice and thick and long (17", to be exact!) to get that satisfying slouch you're looking for. Pull your socks up all the way, then smash 'em down as low as you please. You'll get a different amount of volume and a different effect depending on how low you go - from a voluminous scrunchie puffball around your ankles, to a looser look when worn about halfway up the shin. Pair them up with a pair of sneakers for a casual look, or team them up with a bootie for a different vibe. Pull Them Up. On most people, our socks can be pulled all the way up to the knee, to turn them into knee socks. Since the tube of the sock is loose and comfortable, they won't constrict or pinch like many knee socks might. Try teaming them up with a pair of boots to provide a thick and comfy layer. On cold days, pulling a pair of slouch socks way up high is also a cozy option for hanging out around the house! Layer Them. For true retro appeal, layer those socks up! In the '80s and early '90s, slouch socks were worn several pair at a time for a layered look, which still looks cool today. Scrunch them in layers for a two-tone look. Try a third layer if you're feeling bold and extra scrunchy!