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Welcome Back, #Tumblebabe! 💖✨
After signup, you should have received an email from with your custom discount code and instructions on how to get started! Once you get signed up, you can start promoting! (Feel free to use any images from our social media or website) Be sure to tag us in your Tumblebee Clothing outfit photos/videos so we can feature you on our page if you choose to model clothing! 💋✨
•To access your 30% OFF products to model and exclusive discounts, CLICK HERE! Ambassador items are updated quite often so be sure to check back if you can’t find anything you like! 

For a better chance of being featured, we’ve curated a list of items that still need model pictures 

Be sure to give out your custom discount code so you can earn commission! If you put your custom discount link in your bio, it will automatically apply your custom discount code at checkout! 🙌 CODE)
To access your ambassador dashboard and track your sales, leads, commission, retrieve your custom discount code, CLICK HERE You will be eligible for payouts 30 days after each sale you drive (via PayPal or store credit). Simply let us know when you are ready for a payout, track your sales via your ambassador dashboard using the link above!
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